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The laws and forces of nature are as inseparable from life, as we humans are from nature. Yet humans have found a myriad of ways to separate ourselves from the natural world around us. Whether it be through modern technology or the dreaded cubicle, our ability to live WITH nature, rather than attempting to control our environment for our benefit alone, seems to be waning. The laws and forces of nature show themselves in infinite combinations.

      I've always had a very observant, curious eye, especially when it comes to natural phenomena and the mechanisms and science of how things work. Through photography, I try to isolate and exhibit the natural world in an aesthetically pleasing, informative way. Due to our impact on this earth and all the other species who share this planet with us, humans must be isolated as well when we seek to understand nature, and ourselves.

      My time as a bike messenger has given me a unique view into humans as a species, and humans as a cog of nature. In the end however, humans are subject to the same laws of nature as everything else, and the photos I take of people existing on this planet are just as beautiful and intense as the majesty of the world around us.

Focus inwards, and upwards! You'll be amazed at what you see.

Thanks for looking. -Charlie

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